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The earth-powered lamps illuminate only when natural light levels are low […]. As the plants grow, the OLEDs are able to harness more power and provide brighter light.”

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Moss bathroom rug

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The challenge was to put a new spin on the convention of the business card.”

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Polaroid Flower Vase (2009) by Jung Hwajin


Material: ABS
Size: H210 mm x W145 mm x 30 mm
Images copyright of Jung Hwajin

We hang a Polaroid with a small cord and a clothespin. Arising from a desire of keeping the memories, I feel longing today. Nature is also what I want to keep for a along time. It is a plant in a Polaroid. The illumination is for the plant, and the gently curved shape will seem to be an image of a Polaroid.

Thanks Worclip!


Designed by Daniel Schofield for people to build an emotional connection with, therefore to keep it for longer.”

King Edison Pendant Lamp

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"Send us your tapes"

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Chairs by Annie Evelyn

Combining traditional upholstery techniques with unconventional upholstery materials, creating soft surfaces with hard materials.

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